I'd have to say our concert in the Church of St. Mary in Gdansk was probably the musical highlight of the trip. This was my first experience in a really BIG cathedral type space, and it was very different from what I expected. Just listening to the acoustics you'd never guess at the challenges you face as a performer. The reverb was a good 8 seconds. The piece would end and the music would just keep coming! That part was exciting. HOWEVER, it's a long way from the altar to the first reflective surface. Then, it's a very long way back. The effect initially is somewhat like singing out of doors. Then, finally, after considerable delay, you start getting auditory feedback, but it's like, old information and not at all helpful. It's like, we did that several seconds ago, why is that coming back at us?

We sang Kristina Vasiliauskaite's Missa Brevis for the Mass prior to our concert. The concert was very well received. We performed our encore and left the altar steps, and the applause went on, and on. Finally we had to return and again perform the Missa Brevis. It was all quite thrilling.

We participated in the Mass from the organ loft. That in itself was an incredible experience. Climbing the narrow winding staircase was quite a feat in itself. The organ is very nice.

The church houses a very famous medieval astronomical clock that is 3 stories high. Adam and Eve stand on top and ring the bell every few minutes. The astronomical dial below is quite detailed.

The original altar is in a museum in Warsaw, we're told. The baptismal font was built in 1557. The stone floor covers the graves of many famous people we've never heard of. hmmm... is that an oxymoron?