These Supplemental Materials, with the exception of the 'Lost' pictures, are above and beyond the expectations of an ordinary scrapbook, even an electronic one. These images either require special equipment, extra patience, a little more computer knowledge, or an extraordinary level of curiosity above and beyond the norm.
---The 'Lost' pictures weren't really lost, I just forgot to include them in the main album. I got to thinking "whatever happened to..." and sure enough, I left it out. There are not too many of them, really. Mostly stuff from our shopping adventures.
---The 3D images require special anaglyph viewing glasses, red for the left eye and blue for the right. I wasn't too selective here. I just included every 3d picture that I took, even if it wasn't that great...
--- One of my personal hobbies is photographing wild flowers. This trip was pretty urban for the most part, but I did manage to stumble across a few weeds and one or two legitimate flowers.
--- The panoramas are very large. Current versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer tends to want to resize them so the entire image fits on the screen. Hold your mouse over the image and in the lower right corner a little box will appear with arrows pointing out. Click on it, and the image will expand to full size.
--- Then, there's the Archive. Notice the capital letter. At the risk of exposing my photographic talents for what they REALLY are, this is every picture I took on the trip. Take this one on at your own risk!
--- The Wallpaper Page contains images that can be used for your computer's desktop background