The Open Collection
The open collection consists of 85 or so loose postcards collected in the 1920's through the 1940's.  The cards are in pretty good shape for the most part.  These cards were collected at the locations they represent.  I have loosely organized them into various categories.  The category indexes contain thumb-nail image links to a larger sized version of the actual card.

Interesting cards from this collection include: a card from the Great Salt Lake with a small bag of salt attached.  A card illustrating train travel on the 'Moffat Road' over the continental divide out of Denver.  This route over Rollins Pass was discontinued in favor of a 6.2 mile tunnel in 1926.  Another card titled "Sunrise, Pikes Peak" also clearly displays the words "Sunset on Pikes Peak" in the lower left  image area.  Marineland, Florida is documented as the only oceanarium in the world.

Regional Index
Arizona (8)
Boulder Dam (14)
California - North (11)
California - South (5)
Midwest and Northeast (15)
New Mexico (4)
Rockies and Plains (8)
Smithsonian (10)
Utah (7)
Totally Miscellaneous (4)

Alphabetical Index:

Arizona - Desert Dunes
Arizona - Giant Cactus
Arizona - Giant Sahuaros
Arizona - Painted Desert
Arizona - Pipe Organ Cactus
Bloomfield - New Jersey
Boulder Dam - Administrative Bldg
Boulder Dam - Arizona Spillway
Boulder Dam - Black Canyon
Boulder Dam - Boxcar
Boulder Dam - Downstream Face
Boulder Dam - Downstream View
Boulder Dam - Fortification Mountain
Boulder Dam - Intake Towers
Boulder Dam - Lake Mead
Boulder Dam - Powerhouse
Boulder Dam - Top
Boulder Dam - Upstream Face and Intake Towers
Boulder Dam - Upstream Face
Boulder Dam - VisitorsGallery
Bryce Canyon1
Bryce Canyon - Silent City
Carlsbad Cavern - Big Room
Carlsbad Cavern - ChineseTemple
Carlsbad Cavern - NiagaraFalls
Carlsbad Cavern - Queens Chamber
Catalina - Steamer
Catalina - SubmarineGardens
Catalina - Wrigley Residence
Cincinnati Skyline
Cliff House
Colorado - Glenwood Canyon
Colorado - Garden of the Gods
Colorado - Pikes Peak Sunrise
Colorado - Yankee-Doodle Lake
Death Valley - Bad Water
Death Valley - Zabriskie Point
Findlay Ohio - Donnell Stadium
Glacier - Many Glacier Region
Golden Gate
Grand Canyon - Breeze Pt
Grand Canyon - Yavapai
Grand Coulee Dam - Upstream Face
Great Salt Lake
Indiana - Madison
Indiana - Madison - Hanging Rock
Indiana - Madison - Railroad Cut
Indiana - Madison Post Office
Mammoth Cave - Frozen Niagara
Mammoth Cave - Onyx Colonnade
Marineland Florida
Niagara - American Falls from Goat Island
Niagara - Goat Island
Niagara - Horseshoe Falls
Niagara - Prospect Point
Niagara - Rock of Ages
Niagara - Scene along the gorge
Redwood - Big Tree
Redwood - Family Tree
Redwood - Giant
Redwood - Tree House
Salt Lake City - Temple Square
Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks Sunset
Sheridan Wy - Rock Trim Motel
Sioux Falls
Smithsonian - Colonial Room
Smithsonian - John Bull
Smithsonian - LincolnDress
Smithsonian - MarthaWashington
Smithsonian - NaturalHistoryBldg
Smithsonian - RooseveltLionGroup
Smithsonian - SarahPolk
Smithsonian - SpiritOfStLouis
Smithsonian - Star Spangled Banner
StLouis - Union Station
Trees of Mystery - Cathedral Tree
Trees of Myester - Octopus Tree
Trees of Mystery - Upside Down Tree
Tucson Arizona - Major Motel
Virginia - Mt. Vernon
Wichita Falls - Weeks Park
Yellowstone - Bears
Zion - Cable Mountain, etc...
Zion - Angels Landing
Zion - Mt. Carmel Hwy