From left bottom to right, counterclockwise...

- Probably the first real picture I took in Vilnius was here at Lietuvos Nacionalinis Dramos Teatras - The Lithuanian National Drama Theater. Quite a striking marquee, I do believe
- For some reason I get this strange pleasure in finding things on trips that remind me of home. Here we are in Astoria, Oregon!
- What a wonderful find! Just wandering down a back street trying to find our way back to the hotel we stumbled across the school where the famous violinist Jascha Heifetz studied for 4 years in Vilnius! I took several pictures. One of the disadvantages of being a tourist that doesn't speak the language, I couldn't tell if the signs by the door had any importance at all, so I took pictures of them. They probably said "crazy american tourists take pictures of these signs and post them on the internet!"
- The presidential palace. There were a group of military types practicing for some up-coming ceremony.
- KGB headquarters. A rather chilling reminder of bad times not so long ago. Clear up into the late '80s, people would be brought to this building and either killed or deported to Siberia. The foundation stones now bear the names of some of those who entered and never came out.