Kryz­iu Kalnas - The hill of the Crosses - is one of the finest examples of spontaneous folk monuments in the world. No one seems to know how it started - somebody put a cross on a small hill. Somebody else saw it, said "that's a neat idea" and put up another one. Eventually, there were tens of thousands of crosses on the hill.

The Soviets didn't like the idea at all, and bulldozed the hill a number of times, spread garbage and sewage on it, and still the crosses returned. There are more crosses now than ever before. This small hill has become one of the most well known sites in all of Lithuania.
Hand Woodcarving is the most obvious folk art of Lithuania. This monument near the Hill of the Crosses demonstrates the level of the craft.
Water Lilys on a small pond, again near the Hill of the Crosses
On the bus to Vilnius
Strawberries are a favorite fruit. This roadside stand was one of the more creative!