Stadkirche St. Marien is the Wittenburg town church. Luther ran his little revolution from the pulpit here. Lucas Cranach the Elder painted the beautiful altar. What's really fun, though is going around to the back side of the altar. The images there were painted by students. The church building itself is well worn but cared for.

On the southeast corner of the building, up close to the roofline, is a small sculpture of a mother pig suckeling its young. On the little piglets are carved the faces of prominent Jewish townspeople of the time. On the ground below is a memorial to the Jews that suffered at the hand of Hitler during the war.

The stone commemorating the death of Gustav II Adolph in the church was a bit of a surprise, kind of an interesting flashback to our Scandinavian tour of 5 years previous. I'm not really sure what this means, because most evidence I've found points to him actually being buried in Stockholm. He was, however, killed in battle at Lutzen, not far from here.