The Fernsehturm is a radio tower built in the 1960's by the Soviets. With a total hieght (368m) of exactly twice that of the space needle (184m), the view, quite obviously, is staggering. Standing absolutely alone, it dominates the skyline for miles around. We had no problem getting a table in the revolving restaurant both times we went up. The first time was around 1 pm, the second at 11:30 pm. Picture taking is difficult because of strong reflections from the interior. In fact, I failed to get a single useable image after dark. The views are as follows --

1. NNE - Almstadt Str., Rosa-Luxemburg Str, with Volksbuhne on the right.
2. NE - Karl-Liebknecht Str. with the Volksbuhne just to the left of center
3. Alexander Str. crosses the river at the first bridge from the right, looking sort of southeast
4. Intersection of Karl Marx Allee and Otto Braun Str.
5. SW down Unter Den Linden, past the Berliner Dom, through the Brandenburger Tor and on to the Tiergarten. Also visible, Humboldt University and the Internationales Handelszentrum Berlin, an office building.
6. A closeup of the Berliner Dom

Along with a picture of the interior is a picture of Launa Rae and her Ice Cream Sundaes. You think she looks pleased? Click here to see what happens when you get FOUR of them! You go, Mark!