This is the collection of miscellaneous Berlin leftovers, starting upper left and moving counter-clockwise

- Hotel Berlin
- Waiting for the train at various stations
- Clouds above Neptunbrunnen (The Neptune Fountain in the square surrounded by St. Marienkirche, Rotes Rathaus and Fernsehturm.
- Mark and Lanny sat behind us on the flight home
- More stuff around the Brandenburg Gate - Hotel Aldon (remember the Michael Jackson baby out the window incident?), Starbucks...
- View towards Sony Center from the roof of the Reichstag
- A door, entrance to some government building.

I noticed I didn't take any food pictures in Germany except Ice cream in the Fernsehturm. I guess we didn't find anything real unusual or notable. Berlin is a whole different world from everything we saw leading up to it.