Another day, another bus, as Paul loads suitcases of recording equipment and a harp, of all things. Who the "No Cell Phone" warning applies to is still a mystery - both the driver and Gunnar spent most of their time on the phone.

Breakfast at McDonalds in Slupsk. Now that's a deceivingly simple looking name to pronounce. It's actually kind of like 'swoop', except the 'oo' is more like 'book'. Then add the 'sk' on the end - 'swoopsk' - and say it without spitting on yourself.

Crossing the German border we had to wait for the lawn mower to finish its job going the wrong way down the one lane entrance. They actually made the bus back up so they could finish before letting us go on. Looking back on it, that was kind of a prelude of things to come.

After crossing the border we learned something very personal about Cindy, namely, where she keeps her passport. Karen twisted her ankle getting off the bus and we iced it with pop cans from the cooler.