Dining out is an event in the Baltics. Food is prepared fresh and nobody is in a big hurry, except us tourists. We have places to go and things to see. A 3 hour meal can be annoying, but you get over it. Just plan for it...
The Ultimate in slow food. They sent someone to the store to buy ingredients after we placed our order! At least it was fresh... and tasty in spite of the long wait!
We had a wonderful dinner at Sarkans. The waiter spoke pretty decent English and the food was very nice. We ate with Mark and Lanny. We had a cheese soup with pesto, mushroom ravioli, chicken and pasta, eggplant & peppers, steak, ice cream and cake. All was very enjoyable.
Pizza in the Non Smoking Dungeon - The Pizza Patio is in the basement of a building in old town. You barely notice the sign in the window of a narrow door leading down into a very elaborate crypt-like series of vaulted brick rooms. We asked for the non-smoking section and they stuck us in this tiny 2 seat room with 2 foot thick walls and door so low you had to stoop to enter! The pizza was very good.
Never Fear - American fast food is never far away!