St. Peter's Church is first mentioned in 1209 as the Merchant's church. It has had a rough life, through political and religious turmoil. First a catholic church, then converting during the reformation to a Lutheran church in 1523.

The impressive spire has been rebuilt many times over the centuries. Once it collapsed in a storm, flattening a nearby house and killing 8 people. After that, it was required that the chief architect sit atop the wind vane at the completion of the construction, drink a glass of wine, and throw the glass to the ground. The shattered pieces would then be counted and the number of pieces would indicate the number of centuries the spire would survive. The glass landed on a passing hay cart and survived breaking only the stem! Sure enough, that spire was destroyed by fire again within two hundred years.

The spire was again destroyed by fire in WWII, deliberately set by the Soviets as a propaganda ploy and blamed on the Germans. Only recently has the truth been revealed. The spire is accessed by elevator and well worth the few bucks for the ride.