Jean Sibelius (1865 - 1957) is Finland's most important composer. The monument to his life and music stands in a park bearing his name. He is said to have frequented Kapelli, the restaurant in the Esplanade Park where we had dinner.

The monument itself was controversial when it was built in the 60s'. For me, the ever changing shape, the way it takes on the color of its environment, and its accessibility is the perfect description of the man and his music.

Solid and imposing from a distance, transparent and airy from close up, hollow tubes are open on both ends and some are opened up the sides as well. The musical metaphore is quite striking.
Our guide informed us that the sculptured likeness of Sibelius was added on the demand of a committee that didn't understand the meaning of the monument as originally designed. Fortunately, it's far enough off to one side so it doesn't interfere with the effect of the memorial monument itself.
Cindy tries interacting with the spirit of Sibelius!