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Waterford to Killarney

An interesting day - the Cobh Heritage Center is very interesting. We think of it primarily as the last place the Titanic stopped on its fateful maiden voyage, but it was a key center for emmigrants leaving Ireland for the United States in the late 1800s. The sculpture of Annie Moore, the first emmigrant to be processed through Ellis Island, is nicely done.

Blarney Castle is a frightening place. First of all, people pay money to have someone hang onto them as they lay on their back and reach out over the gap in the wall. Then, they kiss this slimy stone covered with the saliva (and attendant germs) of generations of previous stone kissers. Why? To receive the gift of gab, of all things. It's is just plain disgusting. I climbed up there to have a look. I wish I'd had a petri dish and a swab. It was a wet, drippy afternoon, so I didn't get the pictures I had hoped for, but I made the best of the conditions at hand.

When on a bus tour you make the best of whatever brief glimpse you get of any point of interest. At this point I have introduced the acronym FTWOASB to indicate pictures that were taken 'from the window of a speeding bus.'

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