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I really enjoyed Stirling. The weather was always right on the edge of rain, but we had time to walk old town and really get a feel for the place. One morning we took the Back Walk up to the castle. We sang a concert in the Chapel Royal and toured the castle grounds.

We also visited the Wallace Monument. I don't quite know how to describe this structure. It is immense. It is visible from miles away. To me it gave the entire region Tolkien-esque sense of foreboding - its massive scale, neo-gothic style and prominent, yet isolated appearing location, work together to create a most unique public art experience. As you might imagine, the view from the top is specacular. Here's 360 panorama.

The old Stirling Bridge, originally built in 1297 was the farthest downstream crossing of the River Forth, until the 1930s! This contributed to the strategic importance of the region. The castle aided in the defense of the region. It is an interesting and historically rich area.

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