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Giant's Causeway

Wikipedia suggests the Giant's Causeway is the most popular tourist attraction in all of Northern Ireland. If so, then there aren't many tourists in Northern Ireland. Sure, there were people there, but for a Saturday on the last weekend of June, it ceartainly wasn't overcrowded. What an amazing place! We were there all of two hours, but I could have spent all day.

The drive to the northern tip of Northern Ireland presented with photo opportunities, both from the window of the speeding bus, as well as a stop or two along the way. There was the harbor at Carnlough, the herd of cows passing through downtown Waterfoot. The road is very narrow. It took our speeding bus almost two and a half hours to negotiate the 45 miles from Belfast to the causeway. Come to think of it, you couldn't make the trip much faster by car because you'd be stuck behind our bus. You wouldn't mind, though, because it's a beautiful drive.

Somehow I got out of Ireland without a book to help identify the wilflowers I found there. So, the flowers pictures can only be enjoyed for what they might be.

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