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I liked Dublin a lot. We walked miles and miles, ate plenty of good food, and managed to pick up tickets to see Riverdance in the Gaiety Theater. There is so much to see in Dublin we didn't even begin to scratch the surface. Our concert in Christ Church Cathedral was well attended. We opted for a tour of the doors of Dublin and St Patrick's Cathedral over the long line to see the Book of Kells.

Dubliners have a rather sarcastic wit about them, as demonstrated by the nicknames they give public art around town. I photographed a few specific examples. Monument of Light, alternately known as the Spire of Dublin, is also known as "Stilletto in the Ghetto", "The Stiffy by the Liffy", "The Erection in the Intersection ", "The Nail in the Pale" , to name a few. Molly Malone is also known as "The Tart with the Cart", "The Dolly with the Trolley", "The Trollop with the Scallops", "The Dish with the Fish" or "The Flirt in the Skirt". How I missed "TheFloozie in the Jacuzzi" I'll never know, though I did manage to locate Oscar Wilde's statue (The Queer with the Leer, The Fag on the Crag or The Quare in the Square ).

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