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It's not a big trip from Stirling to Belfast. We spent two nights in the Belfast suburbs. The day we arrived we took a bus tour around town. The next day we went up to the Giant's Causeway (which has its own page).

Returning from the causeway we were scheduled to sing at the Maritime festival. We were to be the last act of the day, just to make sure we got back from the causeway in time. We arrived on time, but the darkening sky became a bit of a concern. We were all dressed to sing, and almost ready to take the stage when the rain began to fall in buckets. The scattered remnants of the audience from the previous act fled for drier accommodations, and we were left in a tiny room listening to the rain pummel the tin roof. We sang one song for ourselves and ran for our own cover. So, yes we sang at the Belfast Maritime Festival, and no, no one heard us. Just another of those memorable events to add to the list.

Sunday morning our concert fared some better. The congregation of the old historic church appreciated our contribution to their service.

Belfast is a beautiful city, but certainly an uneasy place. While open conflict may have ceased there are plenty of indicators that tension lies not so far beneath the surface.

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