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I did something a little different this time. I created a video slide show of our trip to china. Yes, it's the dreaded vacation slideshow. And, what's worse than a slideshow? Home Movies!!! Well, this is slightly different, so bear with me. The complete show is one hour and ten minutes long. It's a video, so you can click and watch it online or you can download the entire show and save it to your local computer to watch at your leisure.

China_sm.mov ('click and view' QuickTime version - Watch this one online - smallish 640x480 resolution)
China - Computer.m4v (This version plays nicely in iTunes - decent full screen resolution)
China - iPhone.m4v (perfect for downloading to your iPhone - won't look quite as crisp and sharp full screen).

The files below are the full, highest quality HD video files. They are HUGE and could take HOURS to download. Don't bother with them unless you intend to watch them on a large (30 inch or bigger) HD monitor or big-screen TV.

Click to view or Right click and 'save as' so you can watch at your leisure without tying up bandwidth- China.mov (1:09:53) This is a 5 gigabyte download - if you plan to watch it on DVD, you must have tools that allow you to convert and burn files to Blu-Ray DVD.

Individual chapters:

  1. Introduction (2:32)
  2. The People (5:23)
  3. Peking Duck (0:43)
  4. Forbidden City (2:50)
  5. Ming Tombs (1:36)
  6. Lama Temple (2:32)
  7. Peking Opera (6:57)
  8. Summer Palace (3:24)
  9. Temple of Heaven (2:02)
  10. Great Wall (3:42)
  11. Miscellaneous I (4:27)
  12. Xi'an (3:00)
  13. Banpo Neolithic Village (1:32)
  14. Terracotta Factory (1:09)
  15. Terracotta Warriors (5:23)
  16. Big Wild Goose Pagoda (3:00)
  17. Tang Dance (6:04)
  18. Miscellaneous II (3:50)
  19. Shanghai (4:25)
  20. Children, Credits (5:12)
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