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Western Mediterranean, 2023

my favourite photos

Itinerary, as it ultimately played out: Despite being fully vaccinated, a bout with Covid in Italy sent this trip sideways. We were supposed to end the trip in Parma, with additional sight-seeing. Unfortunately when we debarked in Civitavecchia we became wards of the Italian Ministry of Health, and were transported by van to a quarantine facility where we remained in isolation for 5 days. To be fair, Italy was hit very hard by the epidemic and was slow to relax restrictions. Everyone was very nice, but, a small room with one chair and a bed, no air conditioning, and one channel of BBC on the TV, it wore kind of thin. A knock on the door signaled the arrival of food, magically out of thin air from an empty hallway. It's not how I would have chosen to end the trip, but I guess that's what travel insurance is for. And in case you were wondering, quarantine is at your own expense. After our release we had one day to experience Rome on our own by foot, no cell service, only a GPS. We did OK.

  • Spain/Barcelona - yeah, we kind of went on a Gaudi kick... (architect Antoni Gaudi, 1852-1926)
  • France
    • Carcassonne
    • Avignon was established around the 4th Century. The Historic Center of Avignon is a UNESCO world heritage site that includes the Papal Palace, Episcopal Ensemble, and the Avignon Bridge.
    • Monaco, Grasse
    • St-Paul-de-Vence is one of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera, settled in the 10th or 11th century. In 1418 the village was made a Royal town by King Louis III. The walls were built 1544-1547 by Francis I Valois, King of France.
    • 17th Century White Penitent's Chapel as re-imagined by Jean-Michael Folon (1934-2005) (St-Paul-de-Vence)
  • Italy
    • Florence - Another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Started out as a Roman city and by the 14th to 16th centuries it was one of the most important cities in the world.
    • Pisa - They have this tower there... But honestly, many towers in Italy lean. Check out my pictures of Venice for more leaning towers.
    • Lucca was a Roman colony in 180 BC.
    • Rome - Covid quarantine and beyond. The harbor at Civitavecchia and Rome