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Photo Gallery V

Canada Goose

This goose has found a temporary home on a pond at the site of the original Whitman Mission near Walla Walla, Wa.


The stamens and pistil of a Hibiscus blossom. Notice the individual grains of yellow pollen visible on the anthers.

Marble Gap - Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, California
A great ridge of snow white marble is interrupted by this pass, known as Marble Gap. The Marble Mountain Wilderness Area is located 40 miles west of Yreka, CA. in the Klamath National Forest.


A fully engaged tick! Not yet engorged with blood, this rather average tick finally yielded to external social pressures to relinquish its hold on its host. A special thank-you to Cindy for posing so patiently for this portrait.

Lostine Valley - Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, Oregon

This classic glacial valley serves as a conduit for the Lostine River, a great example of a meandering river system complete with oxbows. Once beyond the terminal moraine the river plummets several thousand feet to its confluence with the Wallowa river in the valley below.


A pair of honeybees going about their business. They must be just getting started on this trip, lacking the usual collection of pollen on the legs.

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