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Photo Gallery III

The East Portico

Acker Rock Lookout

This fire lookout is located atop Acker Rock in the Umpqua National Forest of Southern Oregon. A few feet to the right of this photograph begins a sheer drop of 800 feet to the forest below.

Apple Pie anyone?

Not all apples come from Washington! Even Southern Oregon, where this apple originated, has a thriving apple industry. And then there's Hood River country...

Jumping Spider

This half inch long critter has eight eyeballs with which to track your every move. Four are visible across the front of its face, and two more are visible at the back corners. Two more are hidden behind his head. You don't sneak up on this guy.

Marble Mountain - Marble Mountain Wilderness Area, California

A ridge of white marble stands out in brilliant contrast to the surrounding basalt cliffs. Eroded and badly decomposed, the white marble still retains enough reflective property to severely sunburn an unwary hiker in very short order. (Note: Voice of experience here!)


Possibly the most widely distributed 'weed' on the face of the earth. The bright yellow blossoms and whimsical parachutes are loved by children the world over. What little one has resisted the urge to take a bite out of that soft, fluffy orb?!

Amerorchis Rotundifolia - Banff - Alberta, Canada

This small wild orchid makes its home in wet woods and stream banks from Alaska to Greenland.

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