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The Great Lewis & Clark Extravaganza of 1905
Paddle Your Own Canoe

Apr. 9,10,16,17 - 2005

In 1905 Portland staged one of the biggest spectacles of its entire history (so far)- A world's fair of equal ambition to the famous Chicago and St Louis World's Fairs of the same era. This fair celebrated the centennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1803-1805 and was titled "The Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition and Oriental Fair." Despite being pretty much ignored by the eastern half of the country, the fair was an enormous success and set the tone of the community in ways that can still be felt today.

The Oregon Chorale is celebrating this Lewis and Clark bi-centennial year by staging a musical comedy set in 1905 Portland with scandal and intrigue surrounding the Fair. Written and directed by best-selling novelist Linda Needham, with music arranged and orchestrated by Terry Blackburn, this show is sure to be a sellout.

The music for this show is collected from 'hits,' circa 1905 and prior that include such well known numbers as "Hello, Ma Baby", "In the Good Old Summertime", "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" as well as numbers written and published in Portland around the turn of the 20th century. One of those is "On the Trail", composed specifically for the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Exposition and Oriental Fair of 1905. All these songs are presented in brand new arrangements created specifically for the Oregon Chorale by composer, arranger and Chorale member Terry Blackburn. The 'orchestra' is what could be called a typical 1905 'parlor pick-up band' consisting of piano, clarinet, violin, euphonium, and percussion.

Get your tickets EARLY - many have already been sold and the limited engagement of 5 showings is already projected to sell out. This is a rare opportunity to see an original production in its premiere engagement. Reserve your tickets today at the Oregon Chorale Box Office.

To learn more about the original Lewis & Clark Exposition visit -

Meet me at the Fair!


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