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The CardioJournal - 2005

Key to the CardioPlot - The two plants are identified as Cg (Cardiocrinum giganteum) N and S (North and South)

03/02/2005 - First signs of life appeared just a couple of days before this picture was taken. This is the Cg-S, the larger of the two bulbs. Cg-N also has a leaf spike in evidence, but much smaller. This winter was much warmer and drier than normal (rainfall less than 1/3 of normal) so I'm expecting this is an earlier than normal emergence.

03/17/2005 - Just two weeks later Cg-S has turned into an actual plant!

05/30/2005 - Routine update. Both plants doing well. Without some frame of reference it's difficult to tell whether they're on track or not. Here's a photo of Cg-S. The leaf stems are rather short but the leaves are a good six inches long. Then, there's some new news - Martin, an e-mail acquaintance, happens to live just across town. We corresponded for a few weeks and he invited me over to see his cardios. He seems to have some unusual affinity for lilies. Not only does he have cardios that he grew from seed, he has a number of other rare and unusual lilies as well. He surprised me by grabbing a shovel and giving me 6-10 new cardio plants and two special lilies.

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