Columbia River Gorge

Since the beautiful Columbia River Gorge is 1.) only 25 miles from home and 2.) I have to drive through it to visit my parents home, I have many occasions to just 'drop by' and have a look at the many water features in the region. You'd think once you've taken 25 pictures of the same waterfall it would be enough, but every visit reveals a little different character of each fall. Here's a small sample of some of my more recent encounters -

Multnomah Falls -

The most famous and most frequented of the Gorge falls. It is actually rather difficult to photograph because of its staggering height. A wide angle lens or considerable skill in the digital darkroom is essential. Rain spots on the lens are a frequent issue as well.

Horsetail Falls -

Probably the most easily accessible falls, sometimes the challenge is staying out of its way! At full flow, a generous spray crosses the road clear into the parking lot. Unforunately, a lot of visitors never get more than a car window view of this gentle beauty. In winter, its propensity to spray makes for a generous coating of ice.

Oneonta Gorge -

A narrow crack in the ground leads back nearly a half a mile to 70 foot Lower Oneonta Falls. Unfortunately, the stream covers the full width gorge bottom and the treck is usually wet and cold. At one point the water is neck deep and the shallower path on a ledge just below the water surface is trecherous and hikers are prone to falling in anyway! Recent floods have deposited a huge pile of logs a the mouth of the gorge, further complicating access. In late summer it is reasonably accessible for the more adventerous, though the trip is discouraged by numerous signs at the narrow entrance to the gorge. This is not a camera friendly environment!

Wahkeena Falls -

I must confess I've not spent enough time here to really understand all there is to know about this falls. From below, the falls is barely visible through the dense vegetation. The very steep rock filled stream is interesting.


Latourell Falls -

This gougeous delicate falls is easy to miss. It is not visible from the road. There are two trails, one that goes up a steep but short hill to an overlook. Unfortunately, the view is almost completely obscured by trees. Take the lower trail into the ampitheater for the best view. It's only a couple of hundred feet to get a good view of the falls. In summer it's tempting to hike around back behind the falls. Just be prepared to get more than a little damp!

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Crown Point and Gorge vistas -

The gorge is not only renowned for its waterfalls. There are also fabulous views of the mighty Columbia River flowing through some of Oregon and Washington's most scenic areas.



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View of Crown Point
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View of Crown Point
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Inside the Vista House
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View from Crown Point
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View from Crown Point
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Vista House
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Vista House

View from Crown Point

more pictures coming as time and travel opportunities arise!