Things to do on vacation...
Visit Mt. Rainier National  Park
Sunday & Monday - July 15 & 16, 2001

Cougar Falls Cougar Falls - detail Box Canyon Moss on Rocks - Box Canyon Adiantum pedatum - Box Canyon Reflection Lakes Dodecathon spp. Dodecathon spp. Erythronium montanum Paradise Inn Castilleja rhexifolia Red Heather - probably Phyllodoce intermedia or var. Paradise Inn Xeroyphyllum tenax Xeroyphyllum tenax Pedicularis groenlandica Mimulus lewisii Platanthera (also known as Habenaria) spp. Botanical Zoo Rubus parviflorus Acer circinatum Acer circinatum Acer circinatum Cornus canadensis Christine Falls Fill-er Up! Pyrola asrafolia Lilium columbianum Linnaea Borealis Goodyera oblongifolia

Simply visiting Mt. Rainier National Park does not entitle one to a view of the mountain. A viewing is granted at the whim of nature. We were not permitted the pleasure on this particular trip. Our entire sphere of experience was limited to only a few feet in any direction, thus we were spared the immense grandeur of the place. Misty gray skies lend a new vitality to the colors of alpine wildflowers, however. Since we were not tempted to look up at the glacier clad peak we concentrated on the sparkling gems at our feet. Disappointed? No. We'll go back and request an audience with the mountain another time.  Click HERE to request your own audience with the mountain.