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The Album

Grandma's postcard album now lives in a plastic bag on the floor of my closet.  Its fragile condition prevents casual perusal of its contents.  The collection is at once mundane and fascinating.  The contents in this online album are presented in exactly the same sequence as they exist in the original.  I have not yet discovered a logic or pattern to its organization.

This presentation is intended as documentation of an historical collection.  It has not been edited in any way. Cards are scanned both front and back to display handwritten messages and postmarks.  The web page background is a scanned image of an album page with visible slots for inserting cards - one horizontal at the top of the page and either two vertical or one horizontal card at the bottom.

The complete online album consists of about 33 pages with 2 to 3 cards per page.  Approximately 40% of the cards have been circulated and exhibit affixed postage stamps and postmarks.  Postmark dates range from 1909 to 1914.  As Grandma (Frieda) was born in 1907, this represents a childhood collection, accomplished probably with the assistance of her Mother, Flora.  Many of the cards appear to have been delivered in person, as they contain no postage stamps or postmarks.  Finally, about 20% of the cards are uncirculated.  The scanned images represent the condition of the cards fairly accurately.  They have not been retouched to eliminate crinkled paper or scrunched corners.   Please, enjoy!

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I've put together a 'quick reference guide' to the collection as well.  It includes a brief description of the message and the postmark information as well as a text description of the card itself.

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