My Grandma's Post Cards
Here's a quick overview of the album contents.  The position of cards on the page is as follows -
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Card Description
Message (abridged)
1.  Black America    
2.  Easter Bunnie and Chicks on teeter-totter   Happy Easter from Uncle Marshall
3.  Floral arrangement around millpond
Winchester, Ind.  1913
Elizabeth nearly well - Celia
4.  Chick untying ribbon    
5.  Cottage, Lake, Poinsettia Christmas Card
San Bernardion, Cal. 1913
Merry Christmas - Gertrude Price
6.  Roosters, chicks, lace border, "Best Easter Wishes   Hope bunnies don't forget you - Lola Dawes
7.  Farm scene, four leaf clovers, lilacs, "Good Luck"
Seymour, Ind, 1909
Surprised to hear from me - Mrs. F Grim
8.  Lilac sprinkling can filled with daisies, "To Wish You Joy"   Tell mama I'm taking good care of her book - Mary Prenatt
9.  Little girl holding flowers, "Birthday Souvenirs"    
10.  Birthday book with cherry blossoms, "A Happy Birthday to You"
Dupont, Ind. 1911
Got your papers, didn't send any blanks, Company from Indanapolis this week - Flora
11.  Christmas bell with little girl's face, holly and berries, "A Merry Christmas"    
12.  Roses and stream scene, "Birthday Greeting"   From Alma
13.  Basket of violets and lily-of-the-valley, "Many happy returns of the day"
Indianapolis, Ind, 1910
Written in foreign language
14.  Cottage scene, daisies and poppies, "A Birthday Wish"
San Bernardino, Cal. 1911
Hello kiddo. About froze? Come out in the sunshine - Elwood
15.  Santa with holly and berries, "A Joyful Christmas"   From Aunt Pirene
16.  Pond and cottage scene with lily-of-the-valley and cross in background, "Wishing You a Happy Easter"
Dupont, Ind. 1914
Glad you're better.  Juanita and I have the mumps now.  Dewey had a relapse, out of school 2 weeks - Flora
17.  Highly embossed fucias in white with gold trim - "Love to my Dear Cousin"
Deputy, Ind.  1909
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - ? and Sarah
18.  Victorian caricature, little girl with parasol followed by little dog.  "May each new Birthday bring you hundred-fold happiness and opportunities to do good."   From Charlotte
19.  Chicks with lily-of-the-valley hats, carrying pussy-willows, "Best Easter Wishes"   Frieda
20.  Boquet of pink and yellow roses, lily-of-the-valley, "Time, that with noiseless foot keeps step with you, Strew all your way with flowers"
Madison, Ind.  1910
Hope you are better.  I was not out for 7 weeks.  Color coming back - got a letter from J.R. Buhmiller - Arabella
21.  Lavendar flowers surrounding vase with pink roses, "A Happy Birthday"   From Loyd
22.  Pasture scene
Deputy, Ind. 1911
Received your letter, will send the package, hope you'll be pleased - Sarah B Marshall
23.  Mill scene and ivy, "A Joyous Birthday"   From Juanita
24.  Snow scene framed by wild roses, "Birthday Congratulations"
Indianapolis, Ind.  1911
Hello Baby - Mamma
25.  Boquet of red and pink roses, ribbon, against trellis, "Rose:  Emblem of fond Love."    
26.  Red and orange carnations, "Birthday Greetings"
Madison, Ind.  1913
Some better with this writing - Aunt Pirene
27.  Diamond shaped snow scene with sunset, purple violets, "Birthday Greetings"
Madison, Ind.  1911
Cannot use my hand,  3 little girls help some - Arabella
28.  Pond with cottage surrounded by apple blossoms, "Kindest Regards"
Deputy, Ind. 1912
Happy Birthday.  We are well.  Have the children taken the measels yet? - ? & Sarah
29.  Bird with ribbon, bells with holly and berries, "A Merry Christmas"
Highland, Cal. 1910
30.  Sunburst above snow scene, surrounded by birds, holly and berries, "A Joyful Christmas"   Merry Xmas from Freda Monroe
31.  Pasture scene with pussy-willow, chicks and large egg, "A Happy Easter"   From Barbara Shay
32.  White doves flying above a cross made of yellow blossoms, "Easter Greeting"   From Agnes
33.  Child painted on bell, holly and berries, "Loving Christmas Wishes"   From Aunt Pirene
34.  Single red rose with buds, 
Dupont, Ind. 1910
From Marston V. Shepherd
35.  Horseshoe, ivy, pastoral scene with old woman, "Many Happy Days"   To Frieda  from George
36.  Two birds on branch with leaves and red berries, sunset scene, "I, however far shall yet be near in Loving Thoughts" Highland, Cal. 1909 Up to my eyes in dirt, sent your cuttings yesterday.  Eat a big piece of turkey for me tomorrow. - Addie
37.  Clover leaves and blossoms, rabbit bursting out of egg with flowers and bell around neck, "Easter Joys" From Agnes  
38.  4 colored eggs, winged cupid climbing out of one, "Easter Greetings"    
39.  Black and white kitten playing with holly berries, "Best Christmas Wishes" "May fortune meet you every way and fill your life with blessings"   From Wilma
40.  Just hatched chicks in grass   From Mrs. J.W. Cope  to Smart
41.  Chicks in hat with lilaces, red berries with tennis racket, "Easter Greetings" Cincinnati, O.  1911 Hope you haven't forgotten me.  Expect you and sister are playing out of doors. - Aunt Cecille
42.  Victorian child (girl) on beach, white dove delivering letter, "For Auld Lang Syne"   From Ralph Gurley
43.  Line of children in caricature, "A Birthday Thought" "Keep your face to the front keep working and keep smiling"   From Loyd
44.  Four leaf clover, pastoral scene, poppies in grass.
Madison, Ind. 1910
Arabella's hand is hurting, can't rest much at present. - John
45.  Single rose (unusual color, possibly early relative of 'Sterling Silver') 
San Bernardino, 1910
Hope you are well.  Come back and see me soon, I'll get a prettier card next time - Effie
46.  Cupid, holly and berries, bell inscribed with 'Sweetheart Days', Santa smoking pipe, "A Merry Christmas"   From Agnes
47.  Angel in star, spruce branch, "Best Christmas Wishes"   From Kidey
48.  Rabbit watching chick hatching, "Easter Greetings"
San Bernardino, Cal. 1911
Come back to land of sunshine and flowers - Teddy
49.  California Poppies   Freda Smart
50.  Floral cross with crocus, "A Happy Easter"
Madison, Ind. 1910
Compliments of Celia
51.  Pink roses, "True Love -  Roses speak love the whole world through, That is why I send roses red to you"
San Bernardino, Cal. 1910
Boy born yesterday, everybody fine - ?
52.  Rabbit head framed through ragged hole in wood panel, flanked by pink eggs, gold trim, "A Happy Easter"
San Bernardino, Cal. 1913
from George Weeks
53.  Little girl holding rabbit, nest with colored eggs, "Easter Greetings"    
54.  Heart shaped "Lakes of Killarney" scene surrounded by lace and clover, "St. Patrick's Day"   from R. L. G.
55.  Poinsettias surrounding a little girl holding branches of holly, "A Merry Christmas"    
56.  Turkey, pumpkins and grapes with elaborate filligree, roses, "Thanksgiving Greetings"
Indianapolis, Ind. 1911
A Happy Thanksgiving
57.  Pink daisies with gold border and draped gold cords, "Birthday Greetings"   from Aunt Lula
58.  Basket with chicks and violets suspended by a ribbon from an arch, "A Joyful Eastertide"
Highland, Cal. 1911
With love, Kidey
59.  Pink cross with lilies, "A Joyful Easter"    
60.  Red rose on gold surface, "Birthday Greetings"   from Anna to my dear little cousin Frieda
61.  Little girl ascending stairs with doll, teddy bear and candlestick, Santa peering in the window, "Christmas Greetings"
San Bernardino, Cal. 1911
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Effie
62.  Roses and Carnations
Madison, Ind. 1911
We're coming to visit Sunday, Mattie McGee
63.  Fairies with heart of pansies, "With Love to My Valentine"   from Ruth
64.  Two turkeys pulling cart with small children, "Thanksgiving Towne", "We are a comin"    
65.  Small child peeking around corner while Santa descends chimney into fireplace, "The Night Before Christmas"
Madison, Ind. 1910
From Aunt Lou
66.  Three kittens with wooden shoe, "Three Sisters"   From Dewey
Four bunnies, "A Loving Easter"   You'll be going to school next year, be a good girl.  Barbara Shay
67.  White cat, red roses on gold, "Fair be Your hours And faithful all Your hopes And Joys xxx sunshine ever over you"    
68.  Bells, cathedral arches, angel, "Best Christmas Wishes"
Merry Xmas - Marston Shepherd
69.  Old church surrounded by puple heather and swallows, "Best Wishes"   To Frieda from Wilma
70.  English daisies surrounding parchment, "Loves glowing light Upon your Birthday shine, And every passing cloud With silver line"   Happy Birthday - Agnes
71.  Little girl with basket whispering in egg-sitting rabbit's ear, "A Happy Easter"    
72.  Six chicks bursting through paper, "Easter Greeting"   from Aunt Pirene
73.  Basket in pasture with three chicks and forget-me-nots, "A Happy Easter to you"
from Marston
74.   Chick on cart with large egg and shoe full of flowers, "Easter Greeting"    
75.  Two chicks under red umbrella walking up path, "Loving Easter Greetings"   From Anna
76.  Three naked little girls drinking champaign and driving a car, "New Year Wishe"
Aberdeen, Wash. 1910
from Wilma
77.  Pink and Red roses, "To Greet You"
Montesano, Wash. 1909
Received your letter, sending pictures - Mollie
78.  Cupid holding arrow-pierced heart, "Happy Days to my Valentine"    
79. Two small children with suitcase passing storefront filled with Valentine hearts, "O the honeymoon trip!  With a hop and a skip, Don't have any fuss Just imitate us"   From your teacher - Kathryn Sarver

So, who are these people, anyway? My Grandma is Frieda Smart.  Juanita is her older sister.  Mary Prenatt was one Frieda and Juanatia's  early school teachers from a small, possibly one room school.  Katharina Rhiner was an older, possibly homeless German lady that lived with the Smart family for a time.  J.R. Buhmiller is a cousin - his wife was Georgiana A. Smart who died in 1895.  Agnes (Wilson), George and Anna Harsin are siblings and cousins of my Grandma. (I met George and his wife Mary back in the late 60's.)  Wilma is another cousin, daughter of Grandma Smart's (my great grandmother) Aunt Molly.  James McGee Smart  was grandpa Smart (McGee was probably his mother's maiden name).  That means Mattie McGee was some relative of his.