What I did on my Summer Vacation
          Or, with vacations like this, who needs to work?
I took a vacation last week (Aug. 23-27, 1999).  Here's how I spent my time.
Monday Purchased supplies
Built form for rock/waterfall out of styrofoam insulation and chicken wire.
Tuesday Began building rock/waterfall (henceforth referred to as The Rock) 1st layer of concrete.
Purchased more supplies (see above)
Continued building The Rock
Wednesday Continued building The Rock - 2nd layer of concrete, coloring and texturing
Purchased more supplies
Thursday Purchased more supplies
Installed liner and filled with water
Began final leveling and installing rock edging.
Friday Finished leveling and edging
Purchased more supplies
Drained, cleaned and re-filled.
Installed filter, pump and activated waterfall
Purchased more supplies
Final cleanup and preparation of ground for landscaping
Saturday Purchased more supplies

Here's the result! Click on image to 'zoom'..

The view from the front door as you leave the houseThe 'rock'The rest of the pond...

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