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Stitching photos together by hand is not really anybody's idea of a good time, but sometimes the results are well worth the effort. Since discovering ptGUI I've become somewhat of a panoramic maniac, going back through my photo-archives and pulling up old panoramas that I just somehow never found the time to put together. Here's what I've put together so far...

Wide or Tall   full 360° sphericals
Bryce Canyon, December 2010   Zion National Park, December 2010
Rainbow Basin, near Barstow Ca., December 2010   Sundial Bridge, Redding, California, December 2010
Grand Tetons, July 2009   Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, OR, Feb. 2010
The Needles - Black Hills, South Dakota, July 2010 Pioneer Square (HiRes)
Badlands, South Dakota, July 2010   Saguaro National Park I, March, 2011
Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, June 2007   Saguaro National Park II, March, 2011
Skeiðarárjökull glacier, Iceland, June 2006   Saguaro National Park - Javelina Rocks, March 2011
Queenstown, New Zealand, October 2005   Mission San Xavier del Bac, March 2011 - exterior
Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, September 2007   Mission San Xavier del Bac, March 2011 - interior
Zion National Park, Utah, December 2010   Underneath the Fremont Bridge, April 2, 2011
Castle Crags, California, December 2010   Pasadena City Hall, April 10, 2011
    Up a Tree - Altadena, Ca, April 9, 2011
    Making a Panorama - Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum
Aug. 22, 2011
    Yost Homestead Barn Hayloft - Sept, 2012

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Mission San Xavier del Bac Interior in Tucson
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