1. prickle-glow!
2. A stately old saguaro in the eastern unit of Saguaro National Park"
3. Smaller saguaros and a prickley pear
4. A saguaro grows its first arm around age 80!
5. Ridges are capped by rows of formidable spines. The Gila Woodpecker can alight on this surface, and its beak is long enough to penetrate the flesh beyond!
6. One-armed bandit
7. A six foot tall youngster of 40 or 50 years
8. A streamside forest. Of course, there's no water in the stream, and the trees don't have leaves (as most of us think of them) but it's a forest none the less.
9. The view from above
10. A shorter, young saguaro will have long tough spines on top. More mature plants have much shorter spines.
11. Harris Hawk landing pads
12. Gathering thunderclouds
13. Saguaro forest- Saguaro National Park, West Unit
14. Reaching for the sky
15. The green of a desert February