Road Trip!
Thursday - June 12



Tonight the road trip will end. I can't believe how fast this trip has gone. I'm sure working on this website  has helped to pass the time away. At the moment we are just outside of the town Marquette, MI on highway 28 headed to where the Upper Peninsula of Michigan comes to the mainland of Michigan. Not much to take pictures of. Lake Superior is huge!  It's hard to imagine that the ocean is thousands of miles away in any direction while looking out on the lake. We stopped at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum  around 9:30 AM EDT. We learned that in certain areas, a magnetic compass is useless because of the iron content in the rocks (as much as 70%). A special compass that used the sun had to be invented to survey the land. Here is a picture of one of the tools of the trade ...

7:08 PM EDT: We don't have much farther to go! It's appropriate that Paul McCartney just got done singing "The Long and Winding Road." It was nice to finally cross into the main part of Michigan from the Upper Peninsula. Dad took this panoramic shot
(beware: a very large file: composed of 10 pictures) of Lake Superior and spent and EXTRA amount of time (1.5 hours) to make it look so good. In the sand, the local aviary community leaves their mark. From the Mackinaw Bridge you can see Lake Michigan out one window, and Lake Huron out the other. Lake Huron wasn't much different from the others... But 3 great lakes in one day make for a great day :). I have no clue as to what bug caused this, but if you think your stomach can handle it, click here. Dad had me take a picture of this in celebration of June, the Accordian Awareness Month (We saw a sign that said so in Minnesota, but couldn't get the camera to turn on fast enough). So far we haven't had anything close to us happening with a result like this . When the excitement was over I took my opportunity for revenge ...Seeing this sign made us check the map again to make sure we were in the right state (and not in Washington State). And Chantel, I just tried calling you and you weren't there! Oh well, we'll see you in a few hours.

We've ARRIVED!!!  The car is unpacked and we're settling in for the evening.  Just a brief reaction to the day before I crash for the night -  The Upper Penninsula is very large.  Somehow, on the map, wedged between those huge lakes, it just doesn't look like much until you've been driving all day and  you're still up there.  It was well worth the trip -  very scenic and interesting.  It's an area that doesn't get much publicity out west.  Anyway, Michael did a good job of summarizing the day, so I'm going to call it quits.  Thanks for participating in our adventure.  There will be a follow-up photo gallery posted in a week or two.  Bye!