Road Trip!

Monday, June 9, 2003

9:20 AM... I woke up this morning at my usual 4:30 (yeah right....) and was surprisingly awake. Awake enough to remember 45 minutes later that I had a camera  . It got better once I had a piece of toast.  I think we left the house around 5:40 AM PDT. We did have to stop for gas before we "left." I drove the first 175 miles of the trip. The Columbia Gorge was pretty cloudy when my dad took this picture of Multnomah Falls  so it was kind of blurry with the slow shutter speed (Or I was driving too fast). Somewhere after we switched drivers we drove by a toilet paper farm  .  We crossed into Washington at 8:47 AM. (I only know the times because the camera records what time it was taken) Right now we are listening to ABBA's Dancing Queen, we have gone 260 miles, and the temperature inside the car is somewhere just above uncomfortable. Oh well! Next Stop: Idaho!


OK, we're almost done with Idaho now and I just finished a brief nap.  Lots of road construction along I90 in this area.  They keep reducing the speed limit down to 45mph.  It's hard to feel like you're making any headway at this rate.  Temperature is moderately uncomfortable, and I'm getting hungry.  I had a handful of peanuts when we left Ritzville almost two hours ago.  Oh, hey, that was
the Montana border.  Wow, it's a lot cooler here on the top of this pass.  The sign says road work next 45 miles.

The day started uneventfully enough.  You've already seen the more than disappointing shot of Multnomah Falls.  This one of the church in The Dalles is a little better.  A little later I was startled to see this sign -
- but a quick check of the odometer reassured we were on track.  Later, in Montana we encountered this local variant .    This is the when I decided to get homesick.  Here's a view through the Ponderosa forests of Western Montana.


5:22 PM MDT... We just got done eating lunch at the Cracker Barrel with my Aunt Cindy and family  in Missoula! The food couldn't have been better. It sure felt good on an empty stomach. We then stopped briefly at a gas station  and we are back on the road again. I forgot to mention what made me hungry in the first place ...  Right now we are shocked at the lack of road kill thus far. Not that we wish there was more, just an observation :). We didn't do anything in Idaho, but I did take this pictures . (Current Milage is 313 and 259)

7:50 PM MDT... Well, I slept right through the Rockies and the continental divide, but I woke up just in time for this! . I think we are going in the right direction if all the ice cream trucks are headed this way.  OK, I'm awake after almost hitting that deer!

10:00 PM MDT - Columbus, MT.  OK, we're done for the night.  We didn't make it to Billings, but not too far off.  Too many miles of road construction but we're close enough to our goal.  More tomorrow...