When Columbus reached North America, the "Klootchy Creek Giant" was already more than 200 years old. Lewis and Clark identified this preveiously unknown species, commenting on the enormous size of the specimins they encountered during the dark and dreary winter of 1806.

Meriwether Lewis on Tuesday, February 4, 1806:
" there are several species of fir in this neighborhood which I shall describe as well as my slender botanical skill will enable me... grows to immense size; very commonly 27 feet in the girth six feet above the surface of the earth, and in several instances we have found them as much as 36 feet in the girth or 12 feet diameter perfectly solid and entire.  they frequently rise to the height of 230 feet, and one hundred and twenty or 30 of that height without a limb." 

On December 2nd, 2007, the remains of a tropical cyclone hit the Oregon coast, blasting the already ailing giant with wind gusts approaching 100mph. We stopped by to pay homage on February 10, 2008, just 202 years four days after Meriwether Lewis penned his description of these giant trees from Ft Clatsop, 14 miles north.

Final statistics - Around 212 feet tall, though a recent lightening strike had seriously damaged the crown. A circumference of 56 feet, and a crown spread of 93 feet.