Scooters on a Lost Lake

Did you ever see such a thing? A little rain, perhaps a sheet of ice, a lot of wind, and these rocks go for a ride! I can hear your next question now - "Where on earth is this?" Well, it's in a national park in the United States, but I'll let you figure out exactly where for a couple of reasons.

  1. Vandals have carted off a number of the rocks. This is really sad, because when they get home, all they have is a rock. The really cool part, the track on the lake bed, stays in the lake until it finally erodes away. It's a long walk out there, and really disappointing to see all these tracks with no more rocks.
  2. This is my photography page, not the yellow pages! Your search to find this phenomenon will take you past many other wonderful places to visit. I hope if you take the effort to locate this natural wonder you will have respect for this as well as other natural treasures.

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