Lilium columbianum
Tiger or Turk's Cap Lily

Stalks up to six feet tall bear a dozen or more knodding flowers.
Mine was ordered from Forest Farm nursery and planted spring of 2005.
The flower above is courtesy of Mt Rainier National Park.

Here's mine, LC-SW, photographed on 04/28/2005
LC-NE is just emerging

Bloom open 06/04/2005

I love a good mystery. Both of these plants were labled Lilium columbianum but there seems to be considerable difference. I'm satisfied that the one on the left is a L. columbianum, but the one on the right? I'm not so sure. The leaves are quite different. Even though they are planted only inches apart, the one on the left burned badly when the temperatures briefy soared to 98 a couple of weeks ago. The plant on the right emerged several weeks later than the one on the left, though it appears the blooms may only be a week or so different. We'll see!

The large lily leaf behind the plant on the left are more mystery lilies...

Bloom finally open, 06/21/2005 - attacked by aphids over the past two weeks.
Not as strongly recurved with smaller anthers. Time to get out the books...