Iris tenax
Oregon Iris

Purchased at the parks & rec plant sale. This beautiful lavendar native Iris
grows just outside the dining room window by the pond. The flowers last
only a day or two, but what glorious days those are!
The rest of the year it looks like a small clump of grass.

First bloom opened 04/25/2005 - both frontyard and backyard.
Frontyard plant has two buds

Seed pod in backyard out by golf course split today -
Seeds were distributed to the following locations

UPDATE: 05/11/2006
Seedlings have sprouted in all but one location. They appear
to have been scattered some, but several viable plants have resulted.

05/11/2006 - golf course plant. Much later this year due to cold weather in late winter. This plant has at least a dozen blooms this year.