Goodyera oblongifolia
Rattlesnake Plantain

The rattlesnake like pattern on the leathery leaves of this native orchid is quite attractive.
It makes a nice but VERY slow growing groundcover. It doesn't bloom regularly, even in the wild.

The twelve inch tall bloom spike, on the other hand, is not at all attractive.

Most books on the cultivation of native plants will tell you this one is impossible to
grow in captivity. While this is obviously not true, one should NEVER harvest this
plant in the wild as the chances of its survival are minimal at best. I purchased mine
at a native plant sale benefitting the local parks and recreation district. This plant was
rescued from an area slated for development. I purchased two. When I moved to my
current location I brought one with me. It continues to multiply and bloom.

05/22/2005 - bloom stalk up two inches