Simple Sarracenia Chemistry
Data I borrowed from Lindsey's biology project

Sarracenia Alata Pitcher Contents:

The contents of one pitcher (S. alata) were extracted.  Upon examination, the contents were observed to be mostly house flies and one rather large moth.  Other pitchers have been observed to contain spiders, wasps, crane flies and ants.  We expected to find the contents immersed in liquid that we intended to analyze.  The contents turned out to be only slightly moist, making direct testing difficult.  To extract material for testing, 2 cc of the decomposing contents of the pitcher were diluted in 5 cc H2O and allowed to soak for 5 minutes.  The resulting brew was extracted and subjected to a dip-stick test.  These results can only indicate trends and do not reflect actual values due to the diluting of pitcher secreted fluids in the water.

Chemical Analysis:

Blood:  +++
pH: 6.5
Protein:  trace
Nitrite:  +
Leukocytes: trace
Fluid extracted from Sarracenia purpurea:

The pitchers of S. purpurea are open vertically and collect rain water.  Examination of pitchers did not reveal any insects present.

Chemical Analysis:

Specific Gravity:  1
pH: 5
Protein: -
Nitrite: -
Leukocytes: -


Comparative analysis of water sources:

Tested property Bog water Pond water Tap water
pH 6.0 7.5 7.0
Nitrite < .3mg/l < .3 mg/l < .3 mg/l 
Hardness (grains) < 1 7 4
KH hardness 2 7 4
CO2 34 mg/l 5 mg/l
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