My Bog
page 8
Photos courtesy of Lindsey's science project

6.  S. leucophylla - Even though it's 12 inches tall, the mouth is only about 1/2 inch across. 12.  D. rotundifolia - close up detail of leaf.

19.  S. oreophila 4.  S. alata after one pitcher was sacrificed for the science project

15.  D. binata - this is the clump in the shade of the rock.  That seems to be their favored location, so far. 3.  S flava - Red Throat

7.  S flava - Copperlid 8.  D. muscipula - regular and "Red Dragon"

A re-opened trap with a digested carcas - looks like a pill-bug
Note trigger-hairs on trap surface

Oooh, boy.  Dinner time...