My Bog
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D. binata
This guy's big enough to take on a small dog...

new growth erupting from
Sarracenia purpurea venosa 'Burkei'
This is just one of many growth points!

D. filiformis filiformis
This whole clump was about the size of a nickle when I got it.
Now, small birds flit amongst its branches...

I am really excited about this one! D. rotundifolia.
This part of the bog gets flooded when it rains
and the perlite all floats to the top.  It's a mess...

Dionaea miscipula "Red Dragon"
These plants are growing so fast you can almost hear them.
They don't even seem to mind the
frost we've had the past few mornings

Non-Carn, Non-Bog

Aquilegia Formosa.  Whaddya mean you don't see anything?
It's as plain as can be.

My pride and joy - Dodecathon jefferyi
I don't know if it will bloom this year, but just the fact
that it came back up this spring is a major event at my house!

Despite enthusiastic comments to the contrary, most of the subjects of these images do not exceed a half inch in any dimension.  The one exception is the D. jefferyi, which tops out at a full two inches.  So, why all the excitement?  What can I say, it's been a long winter...

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