My Bog
page 15
S. x Judity Hindle
Sarracenia x "Judith Hindle"
tender young pitchers sporting delicate colors

S. flava 'Copperlid'
S. flava 'Copperlid'
showing off fine copper color...

S. oreophila S. oreophila S. oreophila
S. oreophila

Venus Flytrap eating lunch...
Dionaea miscipula
Dinner's ready...

My Bog....
1- S flava 'Red Throat'
2. S flava 'Copperlid'
3. S. x "Judith Hindle"
4. S. alata x minor
5. S. rubra wherryii
6. S. oreophila
7. S. purpurea 'Burkei'
8. D. filliformis filliformis

There's other stuff visible, but not obvious, except maybe
the S. leucophyla that looks like it's coming up out of
the oreophila plant.