Bog Journal
A side-by-side progress report comparing this year with last.  The bottom line - in spite of a very cool spring, most plants are at least roughly on a par with last year, with some exceeding last year in number of pitchers and bloom production.  Spectacular performers include S. flava, S. oreophila (outstanding!) and S. psittacina.
1.  Sarracenia purpurea venosa 'Burkei'  05/30/00  19 pitchers, up to 7 inches 19 pitchers, up to 4 inches in length.  11" bloom stalk I kind of shocked this guy when I trimmed off all the old pitchers.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have done that...
2.  Sarracenia flava typical - Florida Gulf Coast area 05/30/00  bloom stalk 14.5 inches, 3 pitchers, 9.5 inches 5 -18"  pitchers No bloom this year, but in good shape otherwise, and well ahead of last year
3.  Sarracenia flava 'Red Throat' 05/30/00  6 pitchers, 11.25 inches  5 pitchers 10" tall, 14" bloom Nice bloom this year.  So, does bloom=fewer small pitchers?
4.  Sarracenia alata typical 'Angelina County, Tx' 05/30/00 4 pitchers, 19 inches 6 13" pitchers, 11" bloom stalk, all distorted (slugs?) This guy is a mess.  I think the slugs really ate things up this year.  The tops of the pitchers are missing and the bloom stalk is severely distorted.
5.  Sarracenia alata  nigrapurpurea 05/30/00 2 pitchers, 9.25 inches 12" bloom stalk, one 8" pitcher In better shape than #4 above.  It is closer to the center of the bog, away from slugsville.
6.  Sarracenia leucophylla 'Alabama' 05/30/00 9 pitchers, 11 inches 8 pitchers up to 17" tall Looking at least as good as last year.  Strangely, the plant on the wet side of the bog is doing better this spring.  The dry side was better last fall...
7.  Sarracenia flava 'Copperlid'  05/30/00 bloom stalk 18 inches, 2 pitchers, 12.5 inches 4 pitchers and a bloom stalk, both 19" tall! Definitely improving over last year
8.  Dionaea muscipula 05/30/00 6 traps per plant, largest 1 inch 4 plants survive, the largest two have traps 1.25" in length Venus Flytraps seem to be struggling a bit.  They seem to like the drier side of the bog, for sure.  Seem to be susceptible to slugs as well.  May do better later in summer.
9.  Sarracenia minor 06/18/00 1 pitcher, 1/4 inch. Not sure if this one's going to survive. 5 pitchers, 2" A little better tan last year.  Actually, more than a month ahead of schedule
10.  Sarracenia psittacina 05/30/00 8 pitchers, 2 inches 30 pitchers, 3.5 inches Coming up like grass!  Doing much better.  I moved it to the wet side of the bog last summer.
11.  S. purpurea venosa 'Carolina' 05/30/00 bloom stalk 14.75 inches, 2 pitchers, 3 inches 2 pitchers, 1.5", no bloom, serious slug damage Not doing well at all.  Probably won't survive
12.  Drosera rotundifolia 05/30/00 3 inches tall.  A very happy camper! 5 plants, all doing well growing like weeds...
13.  Dionaea miscipula - Akai Ryu, Red Dragon same as regular D. miscipula (#8 above) 1 plant survives, not as robust as the green ones. The plant on the wet side didn't survive the winter.  The surviving plant is doing OK, a bit of spring frost damage and slugs...
14.  Drosera filiformis filiformis 05/30/00 7 inches tall, 4 bloom stalks emerging. 7" tall, no blooms yet Doing fine...  I'll divide this one next winter.
15.  Drosera binata - 'T' form 05/30/00 all plants doing well.  Plants in full sun are stalkier than shaded plants. 3 plants, 6.5" tall, 5" bloom stalks more weeds...
16.  Sarracenia rubra wherryii 05/30/00  4 pitchers, 3.5 inches Two 7" bloom stalks, six 5" pitchers Doing much better this year
17.  Sarracenia rubra rubra 05/30/00  5 pitchers, 5.5 inches seven 5" pitchers This one, too...
18.  Darlingtonia californica 05/30/00 I think I killed it :(  dead oh, well...
19.  Sarracenia oreophila 06/18/00 4 pitchers, 13 inches. A hearty eater! Moths, wasps, flies, etc... A dozen 16" pitchers and a 7.5" bloom stalk WOW!  Easily the most beautiful plant in my bog. If everything else dies, I'll just grow these! Pitchers are a bit tender and prone to damage by aggressive trapped insects.  A trapped carpenter ant chewed its way out, nearly severing the pitcher at its base..  That may be what chewed a hole in the side of a venus flytrap last year!
20. Sarracenia x Judith Hindle 06/18/00 15 Pitchers, 9 inches tall. a very lovely specimen acquired in February. I hesitated reporting on it since it's not a native species as are the others in my collection. It is very attractive, and doing well. 20 pitchers, 8.5 inches tall. Right on track...
21. Pinguicula grandiflora dormant from transplant shock 6 full sized plants, 10 developing seed pods.   Many, many little baby plants just waiting for fall.  These guys are obviously sensitive to transplantation.  Immediately after I placed them in the bog last spring they went dormant and only re-appeared this spring.  I started out with 2- 4" pots, each with 'officially' one plant.  Now, I'm sure there are 20 or more small plants that I will move to new locations this fall.

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